How to automatically spread deals over months?

A summary of how to automatically spread deals over multiple months based on inputs in your CRM system. Allowing your team to spread deals in QuarterOne straight from your CRM.

How it works

  • When creating deals in your CRM, users can assign each deal a unique value representing the "number of months" of the deal.
  • QuarterOne will then spreads new deals automatically from their close date over this unique value.

Optional settings:

  • Number of month value changes - Re-spread deals from the close date, whenever the number of months value changes.

How to setup the automation

  1. Create a custom number field in your CRM system (if nothing equivalent already exists)
    1. Map the custom number field in your CRM system to QuarterOne's "Duration" field.
  2. Turn on spreading automation

Step 1 - Create a custom number field in your CRM system

Note this is only necessary if no equivalent field already exists in your CRM. The field should represent the "number of months" a deal is to be spread over.

HubSpot - Creating a custom field in HubSpot CRM

  1. Login to HubSpot and go to Settings -> Properties -> Deal Properties -> Create Property
  2. Set property type to a "Number" field.
  3. Set other property fields (name, description) as you wish. You can give the field whatever name and description you wish. Example field names could be "Duration (months)" or "Length (months)"


HubSpot Custom Field


Custom field


Step 2 - Map the custom number field in your CRM system to QuarterOne's "Duration" field.

Once you have created a custom number field in your CRM, it must be mapped to QuarterOne's Duration field.

  1. Log in to QuarterOne and go to Settings -> Data and CRM -> CRM Fields
  2. Apply the field created in Step 1 (above) to the Optional "Duration" field - see image below.
  3. Click "Update" to apply.

Setting duration in QuarterOne

Step 3 - Turn on spreading automation

Once you have mapped the custom CRM number field to QuarterOne's Duration field, you can configure the automatic spreading automation workflows. Instructions to configure the automation workflows can be found here - How do I customise the automation workflows. There are two settings that can be optionally set:

  1. New Opportunity - Option 3 - for spreading new deals
  2. Duration changes - Option 2 - for re-spreading existing deals.

Step 4 - Re-Import data (Optional)

To apply the Duration spreading to your exisitng deals, you will need to clear and re-import your pipleine data - click "Re-import data" option at the bottom of the CRM setting page. Otherwise the automatic duration spreading will only apply to new deals added or those where the duration value has been changed.