Introduction to the Pipeline grid

What is the Pipeline grid, how do you use it and where do the field values come from?

What is the Pipeline grid

The Pipeline grid allows users to view, edit, save and export a monthly view of their sales pipeline. Using the pipeline grid, users can spread their CRM deals over multiple months on a straight-line basis or into ad-hoc milestones to create any monthly revenue profile they wish. The interface is fully customisable, allowing users to pull in any CRM deal fields they wish.

How to use the Pipeline grid

Spreading Deals

The Pipeline grid can be used to spread deals over multiple months. Please see "How do I spread revenue over multiple months" article for further information.

Customizing the interface

The interface is fully customizable, allowing users to add/remove or pin any Deal columns to the grid. Please see "How do I customize the Pipeline grid" article for further information.

Filtering data

Each column on the grid has its own filter so users can drill-down into particular areas. Several filters can be applied to different columns at the same time. Please see "How do I apply filters to the Pipeline grid" article for further information. 

Grouping data

Users can group and sub-total values by particular columns, similar to pivot tables in a spreadsheet. Users can still edit and filter values whilst the data is grouped. Please see "How do I group and subtotal rows" article for further information.

Where do the grid values come from

The Pipeline grid column values are a combination of read-only CRM data and editable QuarterOne fields.

Screenshot 2019-07-19 at 12.57.40

CRM read-only fields

By default, the following Pipeline fields are pull directly from the connected CRM into QuarterOne. These fields cannot be editted in QuarterOne.

CRM read-only fields

Users can also sync additional read-only Deal fields from their connected CRM. Please see "How do I add custom CRM columns" article for further information.

QuarterOne editable and calculated fields

The following fields can be edited within the Pipeline grid interface or are calculated from other editable fields. 

Screenshot 2019-07-19 at 12.55.47