What is the difference between the Stage Probability and Forecast Weighting fields?

A summary of how the Stage Probability and Forecast Weighting fields are calculated and related to each other.

Stage Probability

The Stage Probability field, is the dynamic probability field that comes directly from the CRM system. In most CRM systems (including HubSpot), this probability weighting is set at Pipeline Stage level and cannot be adjusted at a deal/opportunity level.

QuarterOne takes updates this field on every refresh so that the Stage Probability in QuarterOne always reflects the latest probability weighting in your CRM system.

Forecast Weighting

The Forecast Weighting field is a custom probability weighting field that allows users to apply unique probability weighting to every opportunity in their sales pipeline. Unlike the Stage Probability weighting, it is not tied to particular Pipeline Stages.

When a new opportunity is first imported into QuarterOne, the Forecast Weighting field is initially set as the same percentage as the Stage Probability. After the initial import, users can update probability weighting to any percentage they wish, by either double clicking on the cell or activating Edit Mode.

How are the fields related?

Apart from the Forecast Weighting field initially being set as the same level of the Stage Probability, the fields are not connected, so the Forecast Weighting field is not subsequently updated for any changes in the Stage Probability after the initial import. This is to ensure customers have maximum control of their forecast. However:

NB We are currently in the process of creating an automation "Assistant" that will allow customers to automatically update their Forecast for changes in their CRM data. One of the automated workflows we are creating will allow users to automatically update the Forecast Weighting field for any changes in the Stage Probability of an opportunity (if the wish).